What's cookin'

  • Green Herbs Khoresh

  • Herb Khoresh is a particular dish that I find so uniquely middle eastern. For a start, I love the idea of mixed fragrant herbs as a dish. Put them together in a dish and add beef/chicken/lamb for the extra kick.
  • Homemade Tempeh

  • Tempeh is originally from Indonesia - it is a staple food for the Javanese people. Traditionally tempe is wrapped in banana leaves. The traditional way of making tempe interestingly involves stamping on the soybeans to remove the skins.
  • Satay Tempeh with Orange Glaze

  • This recipe is quite refreshing. As an Indonesian, I grew up eating tempeh throughout my life - in every possible way of cooking; crispy fried tempeh, limpy style fried tempeh (tempe mendoan), tempeh cooked in coconut juice & spices (tempe bacem), stir fried tempeh with green chilies......